I help women entrepreneurs (like you!) stand out and create an impact online with DIY pro brand photography.

   Look more professional
   Show your authority
   Magnetise your ideal customer

WITHOUT the price tag, and the long wait for a (good) personal brand photographer.

Do your own

personal brand photos




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Use this masterclass to refresh your brand headshots in a day. You'll then have the skills and know how to create share-worthy, brand appropriate selfies on demand - with your smartphone. 

How I can help your business

Take one of my video courses - fully self paced, and fun too.

Plan and carry out your own stylised, professional branding photo shoot. This course will walk you through each step to creating a suite of pro branding photos to promote your personal brand.

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DIY Pro Brand Shoot

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Don't be held back by the false belief that you have to be hugely successful before you get your first brand photo shoot done. You can do your own branding photography with your smartphone.

I'll show you easy it is and exactly what tools and what steps you need to create stunning, brand photos for your business.

You KNOW you need professional brand photos to make your business stand out and look legit, but you just don't have the money to invest in a professional photographer yet.

That's where I come in.

Creative Pixie Dust

I've got just the

your business needs

pro selfies masterclass

That creates a bit of a problem, because when you have a personal brand, you need to get your face in front of your audience regularly - not just the lifestyle selfies in your Instagram feed, but your website, media coverage, bio photos, etc. etc. etc.

With a personal brand, you need to have a fresh supply of brand photos at the ready - especially as you scale your business up.

But not everyone can afford a professional brand photographer - especially when you are growing a new business!

The interim solution is to learn how to do your own pro branding photography - like I have!

I'm an online business owner with a personal brand, but I haaate getting my photo taken 😣

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For internet-powered solopreneurs who need share-worthy, brand appropriate pro selfies on demand.

The Pro Selfies

In this Masterclass you will learn how to create professional looking selfies that you LOVE and can't wait to share.

Update your brand photos in a day, get your face in front of your customers on the regular.







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