The Hero

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Based on your answers, the Archetype your brand most closely aligns with is The Hero  - also known as the the warrior, the crusader, the rescuer, the superhero, the soldier, the winning athlete, the dragon slayer, the competitor, the team player.  

About The Hero

Ultimately, The Hero Archetype desires to prove one’s worth through courageous and difficult action

The Hero is gifted with competence and courage. They help their customers to become as strong, competent, and powerful as they are capable of being in order to exert mastery in a way that improves the world.

The worst outcome for The Hero's customer is weakness, vulnerability or “wimping out”. The Hero will do everything they can to help their customer avoid this.

The Hero is not without fault, being prone to arrogance, developing a need for there always to be an enemy or a ruthlessness and obsessive need to win.

Ideal Customer Avatars Of The Hero

Customers who seek out The Hero have typically been beckoned by a challenge; or come across someone who needed to be defended,  and they want to exert mastery in order to meet this challengealthough they may not have realised it yet. This presents an opportunity for The Hero to seed the idea or demonstrate the possibilities.

There are typically 3 levels of fulfilment that The Hero's ideal customer is seeking, and it's important to identify who you are speaking to before seeking them out - and to tailor your message accordingly. 

  1. The development of boundaries, competence, mastery, expressed through achievement, motivated or tested through competition
  2. As with a soldier, doing their duty for country, organisation, community, or family
  3. Using strength, competence, and courage for something that makes a difference to themselves and to the world.

Brands That Suit This Archetype

  • You have an invention or innovation that will have a major impact on the world
  • Your product helps people perform at their upper limit
  • You are addressing a major social problem and asking people to step up to the plate to help address it
  • You have a clear opponent or competitor you want to beat
  • You are the underdog and want to rival the competition
  • The strength of your product or service is its ability to do a tough job efficiently and well
  • You need to differentiate your product from one that has problems with follow-through
  • Your customer base identifies itself as good, moral citizens.

Words to describe this archetype

The Hero