The Lover

I only have eyes for you.

Based on your answers, the Archetype your brand most closely aligns with is The Lover  - also known as  partners, friends, intimates, matchmakers, enthusiasts, connoisseurs, sensualists, spouses, team builders, harmonisers.  

About The Lover

Ultimately, The Lover Archetype desires to attain intimacy and experience sensual pleasure

The Lover is gifted with passion, gratitude, appreciation and commitment. They help their customers to become more attractive - physically, emotionally, and in every other way in order to be in a relationship with the people, the work, the experiences, or the surroundings they love.

The worst outcome for The Lover's customer is being alone, a wallflower, unwanted, unloved. The Lover will do everything they can to help their customer avoid this.

The Lover is not without fault, being prone to doing anything and everything to attract and please others, losing identity or promiscuity, obsession, jealousy, envy or Puritanism.

Ideal Customer Avatars Of The Lover

Customers who seek out The Lover are typically experiencing infatuation, seduction, or falling in love (with a person, an idea, a cause, work, a product), and want to be in a relationship with that person, idea, cause, work or product, although they may not have realised it yet. This presents an opportunity for The Lover to seed the idea or demonstrate the possibilities.

There are typically 3 levels of fulfilment that The Lover's ideal customer is seeking, and it's important to identify who you are speaking to before seeking them out - and to tailor your message accordingly. 

  1. Seeking great sex or a great romance
  2. Following their bliss and committing to whom and what they love
  3. Spiritual love, self-acceptance, and the experience of ecstasy.

Brands That Suit This Archetype

  • Whose use helps people find love or friendship
  • Whose function fosters beauty, communication, or closeness between people or is associated with sexuality or romance
  • With pricing that is moderate to high
  • If it is produced or sold by a company with an intimate, elegant organisational culture, as opposed to a massive Ruler hierarchy
  • That needs to differentiate itself in a positive way from lower priced brands.

Words to describe this archetype

The Lover