The Outlaw

Rules are meant to be broken.

Based on your answers, the Archetype your brand most closely aligns with is The Outlaw  - also known as the rebel, the revolutionary, the villain, the wild man or woman, the misfit, the enemy, or the iconoclast.  

About The Outlaw

Ultimately, The Outlaw Archetype desires revenge or revolution

The Outlaw is gifted with outrageousness and radical freedom. They help their customers to disrupt, destroy, or shock in order to destroy what is not working (for the Outlaw or the society).

The worst outcome for The Outlaw's customer is being powerless, trivialised, inconsequential. The Outlaw will do everything they can to help their customer avoid this.

The Outlaw is not without fault, being prone to going over to the dark side, criminal or evil behaviour.

Ideal Customer Avatars Of The Outlaw

Customers who seek out The Outlaw are typically feeling feeling powerless, angry, mistreated, under siege and want to destroy what's not workingalthough they may not have realised it yet. This presents an opportunity for The Outlaw to seed the idea or demonstrate the possibilities.

There are typically 3 levels of fulfilment that The Outlaw's ideal customer is seeking, and it's important to identify who you are speaking to before seeking them out - and to tailor your message accordingly. 

  1. Identifying as outsider, dissociating from the values of the group or society in a way that flies in the face of conventional behaviours and morality
  2. Behaving in shocking or disruptive ways
  3. Becoming a rebel or a revolutionary.

Brands That Suit This Archetype

  • Customers and employees are feeling very disaffiliated from society or identify with values at odds with those of society at large
  • The function of your product is to destroy something (actually, like a bulldozer, or virtually, like many video games) or is genuinely revolutionary
  • Your product is not very good for people, so that using it is akin to thumbing your nose at society’s ideas of what constitutes health
  • Your product helps retain values that are threatened by prevailing ones or pioneers new and revolutionary attitudes
  • Your product’s price is low to moderate.

Words to describe this archetype

The Outlaw