🧠 The Creative Hacker

Dream it, then make it find a way to make it reality.

🧠 The Creative Hacker is all about Fresh ideas πŸ’‘πŸš€πŸŒŸ

Also known as the creator, artist, innovator, musician, writer or dreamer🧠 The Creative Hacker ultimately desires to create lasting legacies.

🎁 This brand personality is gifted with being an idea factory and dream builder.

They help their customers to hone their crafts, perfect a creative act in order to bring their vision to life.

This brand personality is not without fault, being prone to being a total perfectionist, making a drama out of everything, or always thinking the world's a stage.

About 🧠 The Creative Hacker's ideal customer

Customers who seek out this brand personality - consciously or not - may feel like they have been struck by a lightbulb moment and itching to make it real.

What 🧠 The Creative Hacker's customer needs

They have varying levels of needs from 🧠 The Creative Hacker and it's important to work this out first, before tailoring your marketing to them.

1️⃣ At a base level, they are on a quest for the real deal, cutting through the noise, checking in with the pros.

2️⃣ Over time, this turns into questioning everything, thinking outside the box, becoming the go-to person.

3️⃣ Ultimately, where they want to get to is this: owning their wisdom, feeling confident, and mastering their game.


This brand personality should help their customers to avoid the feeling that their ideas or work are just meh.

Your brand might fit this brand personality if:

🌈 Your product is all about letting people show their true colours, gives them loads of choices, sparks new ideas, or just looks artsy

🎨 You're a creative type – think marketing whizzes, PR pros, artsy folks, or tech innovators cooking up the next big app

🀜 You're shaking the market up against those 'we do everything for you' brands and giving people the reins

πŸ’Έ You're helping people roll up their sleeves and DIY, meaning more cash in their pockets

⏳ Your peeps have the time to let their creative juices flow

πŸ›  Your team vibes with being creators and innovators at heart.

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