23 brands who are

Adventure Vloggers

23 Adventure Vlogger brand personalities

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May 12, 2024

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Peti Morgan

Every type of business falls into one (or more) of the 12 types of Brand Personalities - and once you understand your brand's 'personality', you'll also understand the type of customers who are in need of your services, and how to appeal to them in your marketing! Today we look at 🌍 The Adventure Vlogger.

An image depicting the Adventure Vlogger brand personality type.

For The Adventure Vlogger brand personality, which is all about embracing the thrill of adventure, trying new things, and living a fulfilling life away from the mundane, there are several small business types, content creators, and smaller brands that align perfectly with this ethos.

These entities cater to individuals who are eager to break free from the norm, explore the world, and express their unique identities. 

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Here's a comprehensive list of 23 brands who fit The Adventure Vlogger brand personality

Outdoor and Adventure Gear Brands

  • Patagonia - Known for its commitment to the environment and high-quality outdoor clothing and gear.
  • REI Co-op - Offers a wide range of outdoor equipment, experiences, and classes for adventure seekers.
  • Cotopaxi - Focuses on creating sustainable outdoor gear and giving back to the community.
  • Topo Designs - Offers uniquely designed backpacks, bags, and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts.

Travel and Adventure Planning Services

  • Intrepid Travel - Specialises in small group tours that offer authentic and sustainable travel experiences.
  • G Adventures - Provides adventure travel and tours to global destinations, focusing on responsible travel.
  • Roadtrippers - An app and service for planning road trips with unique stops along the way.

Adventure and Lifestyle Content Creators

  • Expert Vagabond (Matthew Karsten) - A travel blogger and photographer sharing adventurous travel experiences.
  • The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten Rich) - Focuses on solo female travel, adventure, and lifestyle.
  • FunForLouis (Louis Cole) - A vlogger documenting his daily life and adventures around the globe.
  • Sorelle Amore - Offers travel and lifestyle advice, with a focus on adventure, photography, and self-growth.

Unique Experience Providers

  • Airbnb Experiences - Offers unique activities and tours led by local experts.
  • Wilderness Scotland - Specialises in outdoor and adventure holidays in Scotland, including hiking, kayaking, and cycling tours.
  • Skydive Empuriabrava - Offers skydiving experiences in one of the most scenic drop zones in the world.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Brands

  • Tentree - An apparel brand that plants ten trees for every item purchased, promoting sustainability.
  • Biolite - Creates energy-efficient camping gear that reduces carbon footprint.
  • United By Blue - For every product sold, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

Adventure and Outdoor Photography Gear

  • Peak Design - Offers innovative camera bags, backpacks, and accessories for photographers and adventurers.
  • GoPro - Known for its action cameras, perfect for capturing adventure sports and activities.
  • DJI - Specialises in drones and camera stabilisers, ideal for adventure photography and videography.

Adventure Fashion and Apparel

  • Roark - Adventure-ready apparel that combines functionality with style.
  • Howler Brothers - Offers outdoor-inspired clothing that blends modern design with practicality.
  • Vuori - Provides performance apparel for any adventure, focusing on comfort and sustainability.
These businesses, brands, and content creators resonate with the spirit of adventure, sustainability, and authenticity. They cater to those seeking to enrich their lives with new experiences, explore the great outdoors, and express their individuality through their lifestyle choices.

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