Freshen up your brand vibe

to attract more sales

How to freshen up your brand vibe and attract more sales

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December 9, 2020

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Peti Morgan

You started your business so that you could be your own boss, dictate your schedule, and do more of what you enjoy. But somewhere along the way, your business has become a chore.

  • Do you find yourself procrastinating on completing certain tasks?
  • Are you always playing catch up on certain tasks – never ahead of the play?
  • Didn’t you just finish doing ‘that thing’, and now it’s time to do it again?

Maybe it’s sales and self-promotion…scary!?
Maybe it’s admin and expenses tracking – boring!?
Maybe it’s posting to social media – exhausting!?
Maybe it’s writing magnetic sales pages – um how?!

The problem is, when you see your biz or parts of it, as a chore, then your energy is sapped up just trying to get through the things you hate doing.Your energy wanes and this shows up in the way you conduct your biz, how many customers you reach out to, how much product development you get through, etc.

When your dream biz starts to feel more like a job, you can start to feel trapped, and disappointed.

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Don’t just create another ‘job’

How do you know though, if you’ve just created yourself another job?

Well, it’s about what you are doing day to day.

Look at your current schedule or diary (however you plan your days and track your progress).

I see it like you’re channelling universal energy.

When you’re connected to your work and your purpose, your energy just flows!

Can rescheduling your day help freshen your brand vibe?

Can the simple act of rescheduling your ideal day pull you out of the business doldrums and improve your brand vibe?

Maybe!.. So that’s what we’re going to do today – revisit what an ideal day looks like for you in your business, and how you can take immediate steps to making it your reality.

I use this technique a lot in life. Just recently, my biz coach asked me to do this. And it’s been really surprising and exciting, how much of it has come to pass already.

For example, I scheduled two weekly meetings that didn’t exist before – a VA catch up, and biz coach catch up. Guess what is now in my real schedule?

You got it – since spending the time to take another look at what I would really LIKE to be doing, I’ve naturally gone out and made it happen.

It’s just what happens when you channel your focus.

So, your ideal week. If you feel like having a crack at this, then just add an extra week to your calendar/diary/schedule. Whether it’s on paper or electronic, just however you normally plan your days.

Then create your ideal week schedule, fill it with everything you actually WANT to be doing.

Including not just biz stuff, but also things like:

  • Time for yourself
  • Time for your health and fitness
  • Your ideal business hours
  • All the stuff you want to continue doing
  • None of the stuff you don’t.

It’s pretty simple, but it can highlight and remind you of the gaps between your desired reality and your current reality.

Next Steps to freshen your brand vibe and attract more sales!

The next steps – well I have two but one is already actually DONE, because just completing the act of putting the pen to paper, to picture your ideal week, has set the wheels in motion.

Your fabulous brain is already looking for ways to make this a reality.

Revisit it. Update it. Daydream about it. It all helps this forward motion without you having to do much at all.

You can also create some momentum by immediately taking some action. To do this, look at your ideal week, the one you have mapped out, and then think of your current day to day life, and work out what is different.

For example:

  • I notice that I’m not posting to social media every day.
  • I’m also working out more.
  • I have more free unscheduled time.

Then from these insights, just turn these statements on their head into simple, achievable actions:

  • I will ask my biz besties how they manage their social media posting.
  • I will schedule and do one more workout this week.
  • I will schedule and do one more block of free time this week, where I don’t plan to do anything.

So then, what does your ideal week look like, and what actions can you take TODAY to bring it closer to being a reality?

When you’re waking up excited about what lays ahead of you each day, your renewed energy really comes across in the way you show up in your business.

  • You will get more done.
  • You will grow your email list.
  • You will make more sales.

Trust you.

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