🧘 The Wellness Guru

Heart your peeps like you heart yourself.

🧘 The Wellness Guru is all about Kindness cool πŸ’–πŸ€²πŸ˜Š

Also known as the caregiver, caretaker, altruist, saint, parent, helper, or supporter🧘 The Wellness Guru ultimately desires to safeguard and defend.

🎁 This brand personality is gifted with heart on sleeve and Big Giver vibes.

They help their customers to help out and be there for others in order to uplift and support others.

This brand personality is not without fault, being prone to always playing the savior, guilt-tripping others, or trapping them in a guilt web.

About 🧘 The Wellness Guru's ideal customer

Customers who seek out this brand personality - consciously or not - may have seen someone struggling and really want to lend a hand.

What 🧘 The Wellness Guru's customer needs

They have varying levels of needs from 🧘 The Wellness Guru and it's important to work this out first, before tailoring your marketing to them.

1️⃣ At a base level, they are on a quest for the real deal, cutting through the noise, checking in with the pros.

2️⃣ Over time, this turns into questioning everything, thinking outside the box, becoming the go-to person.

3️⃣ Ultimately, where they want to get to is this: owning their wisdom, feeling confident, and mastering their game.


This brand personality should help their customers to avoid dealing with people who only care about themselves, no thanks.

Your brand might fit this brand personality if:

🩺 You sell stuff like healthcare, learning the ropes, and looking out for each other in the community

🀝 You're all about keeping folks in touch and caring for one another

🧘 You help people look after numero uno – themselves

❀️ You have those feel-good, give-back moves and charity vibes.

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