Yoüverlay #104

Snickering behind hand


About the 'Snickering behind hand' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're holding your hand in front of your face snickering.  Change the tone by looking disbelieving or truly amused.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


The ‘Snickering behind hand’ pose is a versatile and engaging gesture that can be effectively used across various digital platforms to enhance personal branding, especially for content creators with a playful, irreverent, or humorous brand personality. Here’s how this pose can be creatively integrated into Instagram posts and website pages:

Instagram Posts

1. Launch of a New Product or Service:

  • Image: Use the ‘Snickering behind hand’ pose with the product partially visible behind the hand, as if it’s a secret you’re excited to share.
  • Caption: “Guess what’s coming? 🤭 Can’t wait to let the secret out! Stay tuned! #SneakPeek #ComingSoon”
  • Hashtags: #NewLaunch #ExcitingNews #BehindTheScenes

2. Sharing a Funny or Embarrassing Moment:

  • Image: The pose could be used to react to a funny personal story or an embarrassing moment, enhancing the storytelling aspect.
  • Caption: “That moment when you realise you’ve been talking on mute during the entire Zoom call! 🤭 #WorkFromHomeLife #EpicFail”
  • Hashtags: #FunnyStories #Relatable #LifeGoesOn

3. Engaging with Followers:

  • Image: Pose snickering behind the hand with text overlay asking followers a cheeky question.
  • Caption: “What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen this week? Share below and let’s laugh together! 🤭 #LaughWithMe #FunTimes”
  • Hashtags: #EngagementPost #FollowersFun #ShareASmile

Website Integration

1. Home Page:

  • Visual: Feature the pose prominently as part of the hero image, with the individual looking inviting and playful.
  • Text Overlay: “Welcome! Dive into a world where fun meets creativity!”
  • Purpose: Sets a welcoming, light-hearted tone right from the entrance, inviting visitors to explore more.

2. Sales Page:

  • Visual: Use the pose next to testimonials or customer reviews to add a humorous touch.
  • Text Overlay: “Our customers can’t stop laughing! 🤭”
  • Purpose: Lightens the mood on a sales page, making the buying process feel less formal and more personal.

3. Product Page:

  • Visual: Incorporate the pose with the product in a way that seems like the person is laughing at how amazingly simple yet effective the product is.
  • Text Overlay: “Why didn’t I think of this sooner? 🤭”
  • Purpose: Adds a layer of human emotion and relatability to the product benefits.

4. About Us Page:

  • Visual: Include this pose in the team’s photos to show the fun, human side of the business.
  • Text Overlay: “Meet the team that never stops snickering!”
  • Purpose: Humanises the brand, making it more approachable and relatable.

5. Blog Post:

  • Visual: Use the pose as a featured image for blog posts that have a humorous or light-hearted theme.
  • Text Overlay: “Gotcha! 🤭 Did you fall for these myths?”
  • Purpose: Draws readers into the content with a promise of fun insights and an enjoyable read.

In each case, the ‘Snickering behind hand’ pose can be used to convey a sense of fun, secrecy, and amusement, making the brand appear more engaging and relatable. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also supports the brand’s personality in a consistent and memorable way.

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