Yoüverlay #133

Turn your sound up


About the 'Turn your sound up' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're tapping on your ear then pointing upwards a couple of times while slowly mouthing 'turn your sound up'. You can change it up by dancing, or pointing at the same time.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


Instagram Posts

1. Launch of a New Video or Podcast Series

  • Pose: The content creator uses the ‘Turn your sound up’ pose in a short, looping video clip.
  • Overlay: Animated text that pops up saying, “New beats dropping! 🎧 #TurnItUp”
  • Caption: “Can’t keep calm because my latest series is here to make some noise! 🔊 Tap the link in bio, turn your sound up, and dive into the vibes! 🎶 #NewRelease #ListenNow”
  • Hashtags: #TurnYourSoundUp #MusicLover #PodcastLife #SoundOn

2. Promotional Posts for Merch or Products

  • Pose: Photo of the creator in the pose with headphones or speakers visible.
  • Overlay: Bright, bold text stating, “Feel the vibe of our new collection! 🔥”
  • Caption: “Ready to amp up your wardrobe? 🎵 Check out our latest gear that’s as loud as our tunes. Tap to shop! #FashionMeetsMusic #ShopNow”
  • Hashtags: #MusicMerch #LoudAndProud #TurnItUp


3. Interactive Posts or Stories

  • Pose: A series of Instagram Stories using the pose, each pointing to the ‘Sound On’ icon.
  • Overlay: Questions or polls like, “Ready for a sound trip? 🔊 Yes or No?”
  • Caption: “Let’s make some noise! Swipe up, turn your sound up, and let me know what you think! 🎤 #SoundCheck #InteractiveSession”
  • Hashtags: #EngageWithMe #SoundOn #InstaMusic

Website Integration

1. Home Page

  • Use: As part of the hero image or main banner.
  • Design: The ‘Turn your sound up’ pose could be a dynamic entry point with a video background where the creator is seen gesturing. A clickable sound icon could be integrated that plays a welcome message or a catchy tune related to the brand.
  • Text: “Welcome to [Brand Name] – Where every note matters! 🎶 Click the sound icon and let’s start this journey with a bang!”

2. Sales Page

  • Use: Near audio-related products or services.
  • Design: A static or GIF image of the pose next to audio gear, courses, or subscriptions being sold, encouraging users to listen to a sample.
  • Text: “Hear the difference! 🎧 Tap here and turn your sound up to sample our top tracks before you buy!”


3. Product Page

  • Use: For products that benefit from audio demonstration (like speakers, headphones).
  • Design: Interactive icons or buttons that animate the ‘Turn your sound up’ pose when hovered over, prompting users to listen to the product’s audio quality.
  • Text: “Don’t just take our word for it, hear it for yourself! 🔊”


4. About Us Page

  • Use: Introducing the team or the brand’s mission.
  • Design: A playful video or series of images showing team members doing the ‘Turn your sound up’ pose.
  • Text: “Meet the voices behind the brand! We’re loud, proud, and ready to make a splash. 🎤”

5. Blog Post

  • Use: In posts related to music, podcasts, or sound engineering.
  • Design: Featured image or within the content as a clickable video or audio link.
  • Text: “Dive deeper into the sound-waves with us. Click here and let’s crank up the volume together! 🎶”

These creative uses of the ‘Turn your sound up’ pose can enhance user engagement, convey the brand’s energetic and vibrant personality, and create a memorable interaction that encourages users to explore more content, ultimately leading to higher engagement and conversions.

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