Yoüverlay #110

Taking a selfie


About the 'Taking a selfie' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're holding a phone up and pretending to (half-heartedly) take a selfie.  You can change it up by looking cheesy, or serious, or giggly etc.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


The “Taking a selfie” Yoüverlay is a versatile and engaging way to communicate a brand’s personality, especially for content creators who want to project a modern, confident, and tech-savvy image. 
Here’s how this Yoüverlay can be creatively integrated across various platforms and pages, with a focus on Instagram and a website:

Instagram Posts

  1. Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Look: Use the selfie Yoüverlay to give followers a glimpse into your creative process. Overlay text that says “Sneak Peek” or “BTS Magic” to build anticipation for upcoming content. Caption could be, “Caught in the act of creating something awesome! 📸✨ #BehindTheScenes #CreatorLife”
  2. Product Showcase: If you’re promoting a product, use the selfie Yoüverlay to show off the product in a natural setting. For example, if you’re promoting a new line of sunglasses, wear them in your selfie. Overlay text with the product name and a catchy tagline. Caption: “Finding my sunshine with [Product Name] ☀️😎 #SunnySelfie #NewIn”
  3. Engagement Posts: Encourage follower interaction by using the selfie Yoüverlay to ask a question or start a conversation. Overlay a thought bubble graphic with a question like, “What’s your morning ritual?” Caption: “Starting my day with a selfie and a smoothie. What about you? 🤳🍓 #MorningVibes #LetsChat”

Website Integration

  1. Home Page: Use the selfie Yoüverlay as part of a dynamic hero image. Overlay text can introduce your brand’s value proposition, such as “Empowering Your Creativity” or “Styling Your Tech Life.” This sets a welcoming, personal tone right from the start.
  2. Sales Page: Feature the selfie Yoüverlay next to testimonials or product reviews. This adds a personal touch and humanises the feedback. Graphical elements like stars or quote marks can highlight the positive aspects of the reviews.
  3. Product Page: Incorporate the selfie Yoüverlay to demonstrate how the product fits into a lifestyle. For instance, if selling phone accessories, show the product in use in a selfie scenario. Use overlay text for quick product highlights or benefits, like “Elevate Your Selfie Game.”
  4. About Us Page: A collage of team members taking selfies can showcase the team’s personality and make the brand feel more approachable. Overlay text with fun facts about each team member or their role in the company.
  5. Blog Post: Use the selfie Yoüverlay to introduce personal stories or experiences related to the blog topic. This can make the content feel more relatable and engaging. Overlay text with the blog post title or a compelling quote from the story.

General Tips for All Uses

  • Ensure the selfie Yoüverlay and any graphical elements or text overlays match your brand’s visual identity for consistency across all platforms.
  • On websites, consider making the selfie Yoüverlay interactive. For example, hovering over the image could reveal more information or change the overlay text.
  • Tailor hashtags to the content of each post, but also include brand-specific ones like #SelfieWith[BrandName], #TechSavvyStyle, or #ModernCreatives.

By thoughtfully integrating the “Taking a selfie” Yoüverlay across different mediums, content creators can effectively communicate their brand personality and engage their audience in a modern and relatable way.

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