Yoüverlay #13

Broken heart sign


About the 'Broken heart sign' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're making the broken heart sign with your hands and looking sad.  You can change it up by looking hurt or wounded.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


The ‘Broken heart sign’ pose can be a powerful tool in personal branding, especially for content creators whose brand revolves around themes of passion, emotion, and personal or communal struggles. Here’s how this pose can be creatively integrated across different platforms and pages:

Instagram Posts

1. Campaign Launch Post

  • Image: The creator in the ‘Broken heart sign’ pose with a blurred background of a cityscape symbolising urban loneliness.
  • Text Overlay: “Launching our #HealTheHeart series – Stay tuned.”
  • Caption: “”Every heartbreak has a story. We’re diving deep into tales of love, loss, and healing. Join us. #HeartbreaksAndHealing #BrokenHeartClub””
  • Hashtags: #HeartbreaksAndHealing #BrokenHeartClub #EmotionalJourney

2. Product Promotion Post

  • Image: The creator in the pose, with a product placed in the foreground that relates to emotional well-being (like a journal or wellness kit).
  • Text Overlay: “Find Your Peace. Discover our Wellness Kit.”
  • Caption: “”Broken hearts mend, not with time, but with intention. Our latest kit helps you on your journey to healing. #MendTheHeart #WellnessJourney”
  • Hashtags: #MendTheHeart #WellnessJourney #SelfCare

3. Personal Story or Testimonial Post

  • Image: Black and white photo of the creator in the pose, looking directly at the camera, conveying vulnerability.
  • Text Overlay: “My Story of Loss and Learning.”
  • Caption: “”Today, I share the raw truth behind my smile. It’s okay to be broken, and it’s okay to talk about it. #RealTalk #BrokenButBeautiful””
  • Hashtags: #RealTalk #BrokenButBeautiful #EmotionalHealing

Website Integration

1. Home Page

  • Banner Image: The creator in the ‘Broken heart sign’ pose with a dramatic, dark background.
  • Text Overlay: “Welcome to [Brand Name]. Join Our Journey of Emotional Healing.”
  • Purpose: Sets an emotional, engaging tone right off the bat, inviting users to explore more.

2. Sales Page

  • Section Header: Use the pose next to testimonials about products designed for emotional healing or self-care.
  • Text Overlay: “Hear from those who’ve started to heal.
  • Purpose: Adds a personal, relatable touch to the sales narrative, enhancing credibility.

3. Product Page

  • Image: The pose used in the context of showing how a product can be part of a healing journey.
  • Text Overlay: “Part of Every Heart’s Story.”
  • Purpose: Emphasises the emotional value of the product, not just its features.

4. About Us Page

  • Image: The creator in the pose, possibly as part of a collage with other expressive poses.
  • Text Overlay: “Our Story Began with a Broken Heart.”
  • Purpose: Shares the brand’s origin story, connecting emotionally with the audience.

5. Blog Post

  • Featured Image: The pose depicted in a thoughtful, artistic manner.
  • Title: “The Art of Healing a Broken Heart.”
  • Purpose: Draws readers into a narrative or advice piece about dealing with emotional pain, leveraging the pose to symbolise the blog’s theme.

General Tips

  • Colour Scheme: Use consistent, moody colour schemes (like blues and greys) to complement the emotional tone of the pose.
  • Graphical Elements: Integrate soft, flowing lines or shattered glass effects around the pose to enhance the theme of brokenness and healing.
  • Interactive Elements: On web pages, consider having the pose as part of an interactive element where users can click different parts of the broken heart to read stories or advice related to each piece.

By using the ‘Broken heart sign’ pose strategically across various platforms and pages, content creators can effectively convey their brand’s emotional depth, engage their audience on a personal level, and enhance the narrative around their products and services.

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