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About the 'Waving' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're waving at the viewer as if you've just seen them or are welcoming them.  You can change it up by looking surprised to see the viewer, or as if you've been expecting them.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


The ‘Waving’ Yoüverlay is a versatile and engaging way to connect with your audience, embodying a range of positive attributes from welcoming to ready and casual.

Here’s how this Yoüverlay can be creatively integrated across various platforms and pages, with a focus on Instagram and website content:

Instagram Posts

  1. Launch Announcement: Use the waving Yoüverlay to announce a new product or service. The image could show you waving from the background with the product in the foreground. Overlay text could say, “Say Hi to Our Newest Addition!” This creates a personal connection and excitement around the launch. Use hashtags like #NewProduct #HelloBeautiful #WaveHello.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes (BTS): Share a candid moment of you waving at the camera during a photoshoot or while working. It gives a glimpse into your world, making your brand feel more accessible. Caption it with, “Waving through the chaos and loving every minute! 🌟 #BehindTheScenes #WaveOfLife”.
  3. Engagement Post: Post a picture with the waving Yoüverlay and a caption that encourages interaction, such as, “Waving hi to all our new followers! Tell us something about yourself in the comments below! 👋 #CommunityLove #WaveBack”.

Website Integration

  1. Home Page: Feature a large, welcoming waving Yoüverlay right on the landing page with a text overlay that reads, “Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here.” This sets a friendly tone right off the bat and invites users to explore more.
  2. Sales Page: Use the waving Yoüverlay to draw attention to special offers or discounts. For instance, next to the image, include a bubble or graphic that says, “Wave goodbye to high prices! Check out our deals.” This approach makes the sales pitch feel more personal and less aggressive.
  3. Product Page: Incorporate a smaller waving Yoüverlay icon next to new or featured products with a tagline like, “Our latest wave of innovation.” It subtly draws attention to these items without being too intrusive.
  4. About Us Page: A team photo with everyone doing the waving Yoüverlay can create a sense of unity and friendliness. Accompany this with a text saying, “Meet the team that’s always ready to welcome you with open arms!”
  5. Blog Post: Use the waving Yoüverlay at the beginning or end of blog posts with a call-to-action. For example, at the end of a post, include an image of you waving with text overlay that reads, “Don’t leave just yet! Sign up for our newsletter to wave hello to weekly insights and stories.”

Creative Tips for Integration

  • On a website, especially the home page, consider making the waving hand an interactive element that, when hovered over, reveals a special message, discount code, or a fun fact about your brand.
  • For both Instagram and website use, an animated GIF of you waving can add a dynamic and engaging touch, making your digital presence feel more alive.
  • Use playful and brand-aligned fonts for text overlays. For instance, if your brand is more on the fun and quirky side, bubble fonts can add to the welcoming vibe. For sleek and professional brands, a clean and minimalist font works best.
  • Ensure the colours, fonts, and overall style of the waving Yoüverlay photo or graphic align with your brand’s visual identity. This consistency helps reinforce brand recognition.

By thoughtfully integrating the waving Yoüverlay across your digital presence, you can create a cohesive and inviting brand experience that resonates with your audience and encourages engagement.

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