Yoüverlay #30

Flicking your thumb


About the 'Flicking your thumb' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're flicking your thumb with a closed mouth smile.  You can change it up by giving a wink, or looking amazed.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


The ‘Flicking your thumb’ Yoüverlay, with its blend of action, cheekiness, and directness, offers a versatile tool for personal branding across various platforms. Here’s how you can creatively integrate this Yoüverlay into your Instagram posts and website content, tailored to enhance your brand’s personality:

Instagram Posts

  1. Action-Oriented Post: Capture the Yoüverlay with a background that signifies action (e.g., a bustling city street or a workspace filled with creative tools). Overlay text could say, “Making Moves #HustleModeOn”. This aligns with a brand that’s all about taking action and moving forward.
  2. Innovative Product Tease: Use the Yoüverlay to point towards a blurred image of a new product, with text overlay saying, “Guess what’s coming? #InnovationInAction”. This teases your audience about upcoming products or services in a playful manner.
  3. Direct Response to FAQs: Create a carousel post with the first image featuring the Yoüverlay and a caption like, “You asked, we’re answering! Swipe right for some straight talk. #NoFilterNeeded”. Each subsequent image could address a common question with concise, candid responses.
  4. Cheeky Promotion: For a sales promotion, the Yoüverlay could be directed at a text bubble saying, “Caught ya looking! Here’s 10% off on your next purchase. #DealAlert”. This approach is direct, enticing, and incorporates a cheeky charm to engage followers.

Website Integration

  1. Home Page: Feature the Yoüverlay prominently on the home page, with the thumb pointing towards the latest announcement or feature. This could be a new blog post, product launch, or a special offer. The Yoüverlay acts as a visual cue to direct visitors’ attention to what’s new and important.
  2. Sales Page: Use the Yoüverlay next to testimonials or product benefits. For instance, next to a powerful testimonial, the Yoüverlay could suggest, “This is why we do what we do”. It adds a personal, candid touch to the sales narrative, making the page more engaging.
  3. Product Page: Incorporate the Yoüverlay to highlight special features of a product or to point out limited-time offers. For example, next to a product, the Yoüverlay could be directed at a tag saying, “Staff Pick!” or “Limited Edition”. This adds a layer of personal recommendation and urgency.
  4. About Us Page: Here, the Yoüverlay could be used in a more personal, candid shot of the team or the founder, with a caption like, “Driven by passion, guided by innovation”. It humanizes the brand, making it more relatable and direct in its communication.
  5. Blog Post: Use the Yoüverlay at the beginning of a blog post to point towards an important statistic, quote, or fact that will be discussed. It’s a playful way to highlight key information and draw the reader into the content.

For all these suggestions, relevant hashtags like #BehindTheScenes, #SneakPeek, #InnovateWithUs, #OnTheMove, and #CheekyCharm can help increase visibility and engagement on Instagram, while also reinforcing the brand’s personality traits associated with the ‘Flicking your thumb’ Yoüverlay.

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