High vibe marketing

for super busy people

High vibe marketing for super busy people!

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October 21, 2020

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Peti Morgan

How do you show up consistently online with a high vibe, without burning out? How do you create high vibe marketing when you have a super busy life??

I’ve used social media to promote my businesses and brands, since 2011, and I know how much of a difference high vibe marketing makes to engagement on my social media posts. So this is something I’ve been trying to perfect for a very long time!  

Are you someone who who provides services or products online?

Or are you someone who finds new customers on social media? Then YOU know how important it is to be showing up in front of your people on a regular basis. 

In fact it’s incredibly important to consistently get in front of your people. Even the ones who are already buying from you.

Because social media is absolutely saturated with other businesses and brands trying to do the same.  

Why showing up regularly is so important for your brand

Showing up regularly forms the basis of brand elevation. 

Getting in front of your people regularly, matters even more than what your brand looks like. 

It’s the very fact that you ARE showing up that’s allowing your audience:

  • They get to see you
  • So they will remember you exist
  • They can get to know, like and  trust you enough to buy from you
  • And they will know you are are open for business

YOU can have the best and most beautiful brand in the world that is so perfect. It could have amazing fonts and a colour palette that aligns with your brand vibe.

You could have stunning brand photography and an impeccably designed website with matching social media graphics….  

But if you’re not showing up on a regular basis for your audience then… what is the point of it all?

I love using party analogies to describe brand vibes and presence – and this is a good one. 

There’s no point in getting all dressed up if you have nowhere to go.

Get to the party, somehow

Want to make new friends, deepen existing relationships and find out what’s happening with your people?

Then it’s better to just show up to the party with minimal attention to how you look.

And then let your personality shine through, than to not show up at all.

Showing up for your people not only allows you to remind them of your existence, but it allows them to see you through different lenses.  

It’s not just the one brand photograph that you’re presenting to them online. 

They get to see you on different days, in different environments, and hear different things you have to say. 

Showing up creates a multi-faceted view of you and your brand. It allows people to get closer to you – further deepening the trust and relationship that you have. 

You’re also allowing them to do a vibe check – are we on the same page here? 

Know, like, trust, buy.

You could definitely grow your network if you show up to every party.  

That time I showed up every day on Insta stories

Once, I tried this on Instagram. I took a challenge to show up in my Insta stories every day. There was a topic or script for every day. It was either a video, or a creative insta story, all encouraging engagement from my audience. 

It actually worked REALLY well for engagement. And because I was getting new followers every day, it gave them a constant stream of actually interesting content from me.

But it was just too hard to keep up!!  

I think I bombed after about 3 weeks. Now the thought of doing a challenge like that exhausts me just to think about! 

Because showing up consistently can be bloody hard. 

Why showing up is a hard, when you’re human

I personally have struggled with it for years. Not only as an introvert entrepreneur, but as an introvert entrepreneur juggling many different roles, as we all do. 

I’m a mum of an almost 5 year old. I have multiple income streams in my business, so no one singular focus. And I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression over the years. 

Pretty much, I’m just a regular human, right? And last time I checked, so are you.  

And typically, human beings have multi-faceted lives and our businesses are never the sole focus. 

Life is never simple. There always seems to be a comedy here, a tragedy there, and something else unexpected happening over here.

How do you show up consistently – high vibe – when you also have a life?

How do you show up with the same level of energy for your people when you also have a life? 

Let’s go back to that party analogy we were hanging out at. 

Have you ever been to a party, and someone has turned up with a super low vibe – because they feel obliged to be there. 

They promised their partner or mum or sister or friend that they would show up. But they’re not at all in the mood, and it shows.  

Who wants to hang out with that person? 

Or would you rather hang out with the person that is high vibe? The person full of great energy? The person who is excited to be there? 

They’re putting out that magnetic vibe and people pick up on that. 

You feel that vibe and you gravitate towards the person with the higher vibe. 

Maybe you chat to the low viber for a bit… But you soon start to feel flat hanging out with them, and need to excuse yourself!

That happens when you show up on your socials too.

If you’re not feeling it, if you’re not into it, your energy shows. YOU are like that obliged person at the party.

So there’s a conflict here – a really obvious conflict. 

Show up show up show up, but don’t show up if you’re not in the right headspace?

How can you continue to put yourself in front of your people on the regular, bringing a good vibe with you every time?  

The answer is batching

One way is using mood based marketing which we covered in episode 1.

The other way is batching some of your content ahead of time. 

For example, pre-recording a batch of podcast episodes on the same day – like I’m doing right now. 

Or pre-recording a batch of instagram stories on a good hair day. πŸ˜‰ 

If you’re batch recording and scheduling your posts you can create a regular cadence of content publishing. At a bare minimum, this enables you to show up every week, or few days, or however frequently you choose. 

THEN you can fill in the gaps in real life, in real time, when you are feeling amazing and inspired. 

The downside of publishing in “real time”

I’ve been caught in the trap of setting myself a publishing schedule that I felt was achievable at the time. And it was, until life happened and I got behind really quickly.

With my first podcast, I was recording and publishing one episode a week.  It was fun and I kept up with the schedule for about 8 weeks. Then “something” happened… I think I got sick, and that interfered with my schedule and all of a sudden I was behind.  

I started feeling really obliged to turn up and record and I think this came across in my voice. Low vibe, repelling!

Lessons from from my first podcast

For this podcast I’ve learned my lesson.  I’m batch recording up to 6 at a time. I’m recording within scheduled blocks of time that are 100% focused and all about recording the podcast. 

My energy is high and because the podcast is published weekly. I have another month or so before I need to get the next batch recorded. So I can schedule this in to suit.

Then if I like, I can record an episode on the fly. I can record when I have a burst of inspiration or high energy. 

 What would you rather listen to? High vibe me, or ‘going through the motions’ me?

Batching gets you everywhere without the burn

Batching the podcast means that I am showing up for you at LEAST once a week. It means I have fresh content coming out every week across my social media channels. 

Interspersed with this is high vibe me dropping in to say hi on the fly. Can you feel this in my energy?

If life happens, then at the very least you will still be hearing from me once a week. Even if I have all manner of things happening in my life, and no energy to show up live.

What content is batch-able?

You can batch produce any content that isn’t extremely time sensitive. 

Unless you’re a journalist reporting on daily events, then that’s ok!  

Some of the topics I talk about on this podcast might be time sensitive, sure. Say we’re talking about trending strategies. Or if we’re talking about changes to social media algorithms. But mostly they are more timeless marketing strategies.

What about time sensitive content?

You can still publish content that is time-sensitive. If it’s not predictable and therefore can be pre-recorded and scheduled ahead of time. You could just do this closer to the time or on the day / as it happens. 

When you batch produce content and schedule it to publish on a regular basis, then you instantly have a REASON to show up in someone’s inbox or social media feed. 

You don’t need to think about what you’ll say, because you have something to talk about already. 

Then everything else can be unscheduled and energy based. 

So let’s wrap up on high vibe marketing for busy people

Don’t be that obliged person at the party giving off your low vibe. Either show up without your glad rags and let your personality do the talking or send a pre-recorded video!

Magnetise people on your good days.

Elevate your brand, by showing up for your people with the energy that will attract your ideal customer. Like bees to honey.

(In the podcast I said BEES I meant BEARS hahaha).

To show up more consistently, with the right energy that’s going to attract people:

  • think about what content you can batch produce and publish on a regular basis,
  • then think about how you can show up in between with the most energy.

And don’t overcomplicate the batch production. Remember that you can do a series, or a season of content. It doesn’t have to be a relentless treadmill of content that you become terrified of starting!

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