7 Brand Elements To Customise For Your

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7 Elements To Customise For Your Signature Offer Branding

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June 20, 2022

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Peti Morgan

So you’re launching your signature offer to your audience soon and it's time to think about your signature offer branding.

Is it a new online course, membership or a coaching package? Perhaps you are reintroducing a crowd favourite to your audience, which has grown recently.

Or have you given your signature offer an overhaul? An offer that is proven, popular (and profitable). It's time to get version 2.0 out there!

(Queue vinyl record skipping screech).

Wait, what? You didn’t think about creating a unique NEW brand for signature offer?

5️⃣ solid reasons you should be branding your signature offer The 4️⃣ types of offers you should NOT be giving their own brand and finally The 7️⃣ brand elements you can easily DIY for your signature offer.

Ahhh, I see. So then I’m guessing that you’re in one of these two positions:

1. You did the ‘right thing’ and paid a professional designer to do all of your business branding. It was dang well expensive and you’re going to use it - for everything!


2. You’ve DIY’d your branding up until this point - maybe not from scratch, some website templates here, a Fiverr logo design there… But you’ve spent too much bl%#$dy time on it already, why would you do a NEW brand now?

Allow me to clarify - we’re not talking about a WHOLE new brand here. You’ve done the hard work to create brand familiarity with your colour palette, your logo and your brand photos. We don’t want to mess with that!

But branding is more that just colours and logos. I’m going to put the case to you today, that you SHOULD be giving at least your signature offer a brand of it’s own.

Some of your offers just SHOULD have a brand of their own, and some definitely shouldn’t. We’ll look at exactly what these are later in this article.

Don’t worry - this doesn’t need to be complicated. It shouldn't take too much time away from your core business activities. But you have a sales page in the pipeline, right? All we are really doing here is giving that sales page a fresh brand-over.

It’s easy!

But first let’s look at the benefits you’ll get if you give your signature offer it’s own ‘brand’.

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5 Reasons you should be customising your signature offer

I get it - creating a new brand for one offer might seem counterintuitive, and a waste of time. Especially for someone who is DIY branding.

But by giving an offer some branding elements of its own, you are - in a sense - strengthening it. You’re allowing that offer it to stand up on its own two feet, to stand alone.

Peti Morgan making a statement!

John Peters

Allow your signature offer to stand up on its own two feet, with a brand of its own.

1. When an offer can stand alone, it instantly appears more authoritative

Sure, you can create a feature block on your website homepage for your signature offer (and you should).

You could also add an eye catching button to your navigation that goes directly to your offer (and you should).

You can lead people to your offer with pop overs, slide ins and banners (and you should probably do that too)!

But when your signature offer has it’s very own URL that’s when the magic starts to happen.

It’s not just a course to learn how to do pro selfies, it’s THE Pro Selfies Masterclass.

2. Google loves a stand alone offers

Not only are people impressed by an offer that has its very own URL, but search engines like Google LOVE stand alone offers.

Think about it a little more. You probably know that good SEO will net you organic search traffic. That means, people who have been searching (for something) on the interwebs, have followed a link to your website.

These visitors might not have ever heard of you. But 'oh!' they just found someone who can help them (with that thing they searched for).

If your SEO game is strong then you probably get a few of these types of visitors to your website. They will end up buying if your sales funnel is good.

Organic traffic is FREE traffic. We love organic visitors - especially if they’re ‘our people’ and what we offer, can help them.

Question for ya. Do you think that this particularly magical type of visitor typed in your business name?

Of course not.

They were probably searching for the outcome or the problem you solve.

Which is quite possibly the name of your course!

So go get the URL for that course and get some of that sweet SEO juice. Don’t worry if you can’t get an exactly matching URL - if your keywords are in the URL and your webs site title then half the job is done.


Use a trustworthy domain provider like WPX to purchase and maintain all of my domains. They have fair ongoing prices and excellent support.

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3. It’s easier to promote offers with their own URLs

When your signature offer has its own URL, it can be more memorable.

For example:

  • youverlays.com is more memorable than https://petimorgan.co/courses/youverlays
  • pro-selfies.com is more memorable than https://petimorgan.co/courses/pro-selfies/

While you could (and should) use a QR code linked to your web page in any printed collateral, you should also have an easy to remember, easy to type URL. Turn those eyes on your ads to eyes on your offer page.

On the web, sure you can just add a link to the full website URL but it’s COOLER to have a unique, branded URL. You can always redirect the cool URL to the actual URL 😉

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4. Branding can help differentiate your offers from each other

This applies more if you have multiple products and offerings. You may like to help your customers make decisions by differentiating your products.

For example, a different colour palette can be used to show that a particular offer is more premium. We commonly see gold, silver and bronze to illustrate this point.

You can use a fresh new palette to indicate newness…… etcetera!

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5. Niche niche niche! Hone your branding specifically to the audience your offer will serve best

Use this opportunity to apply what you know about the audience you serve best! While your business might serve multiple audiences, your signature offer should serve a very specific audience. Who exactly will your offer get the best results? Use branding that speaks directly to these people!

What to avoid when customising your signature offer branding

Let’s come back to all the hard work you’ve already done (or paid for) with your business branding. You’re going to build upon this, not diminish it. You’re not trying to create a ‘better’ brand for your signature offer, you just want to give it a personality of its own.

So when creating a unique brand it needs to sit along side your current business brand. It needs to make sense.

Keep in mind:

  • Don’t stray not too far from your brand vibe. If your brand is all neutrals, carefree and light - coming in with brights and bolds could be very confusing for your audience
  • It certainly shouldn’t clash with your overall brand. Your branded offers should be able to stand beside your business brand, and in a complementary way
  • Consider how you want your customer to feel about your offer - the emotion you want to invoke, and use branding to support this.

Most importantly - don’t let DIY design distract you (too much) from your core business. That means, if you need to adjust your levels of DIY then consider these points:

  • Know when to scale down, or hire a professional
  • Perhaps choose just ONE element to brand
  • Think about hiring someone on Fiverr or 99designs to create a bespoke brand for your signature offer
  • Buy templates from CreativeMarket.

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Which offers you shouldn’t give a unique brand

If I’ve done my job well today, you’ll agree see that the benefits of creating a unique brand for your signature offer just make’s sense!

And indeed, you might see a much bigger uptake on offers that have their own brand, highly targeted to the audience they serve best.

But that doesn’t mean you should brand EVERY OFFER.

Don’t brand:

  • Every eBook you offer
  • Every Opt In you offer
  • Every single offer you’ve ever created
  • A minor offer in your inventory (before your signature offer)
  • Your signature offer if it is your ONLY offer (your business brand should speak for it).

But DO give your signature offer some kind of personality of its own.

Now it’s time to look at exactly which branding elements you can apply some branding design to, for your signature offer, product or service.

The seven brand elements you can easily DIY for your signature offer BRANDING

#1 - The course URL for SEO juice

If you’re doing this for SEO juice, don’t redirect it. Set up a stand alone sales page, on a website of it’s own. This is very easy to do if you are with a host like WPX.net* who have excellent support, and can sort your SSL in a click of a button.

*I use WPX.net to host all of my websites and as I recommend them, this is an affiliate link. Please feel free to ask me about their service in the Chatbox, if you are thinking of using them (because this is a genuine recommendation!)

#2 - The course URL for authority

Same same - nab that domain! But if you're doing this to increase the authority of your offer, redirect it to the offer page on your website. Just be sure that you arrange SSL (https) and ensure that the www version of your URL redirects also. This can all be a bit tricky unless you’re with a really good host or domain name provider who provides good support. Choose wisely!

#3 The course logo

YES you can spin up a fresh new logo for your signature course! Use it on your sales page, in your ads and promotions, and in your course slides.

If you like, add a small tagline to the logo that links it back to your business e.g. “brought to you by Business Name’. You could also include the brand mark from your business branding in your course logo. You’ll see mine in all of my courses, somewhere!

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#4 A fresh colour palette

You already know the power of using colour psychology in your branding. How do you want your audience to feel about this specific offer? Think about that and assess whether a specific colour palette would reinforce the branding.

Just be sure it doesn’t totally clash with your existing business brand. Think complementary. **

#5 A new font pairing

Just like colours can help get your point across, so can fonts. The right font pairing can really elevate a brand overall. In fact if you’re really nailed yours in your original branding, you can easily take this through to your signature offer branding.

However - you can also use this as an opportunity to pick a dynamic duo of fonts that give your signature offer branding a big push towards ‘professional’ and slick.

A great font pairing can totally nail down the vibe you’re trying to put out there. Again, think about how your want your audience to feel about your offer, then choose an appropriate font pairing.

#6 Fresh, new personal brand photos

There’s no denying it, when you are the face of your brand, your face will make you money! There’s also nothing better when launching something new, to have some fresh NEW photos of YOU.

It’s just so much easier for your sales page visitors to connect with a photograph of you than just stock images. Sure you can reuse your existing brand photos - especially if you have lots to choose from.

If you’re stuck there check out my courses!

Use shots from your personal brand shoot that convey the vibe of your offering. We want to see YOU and your personality up front. It’s the perfect time to use new brand photos.

#7 A tagline specific to your outcome and audience

Just like you have a tagline for your business branding, create one for your signature offer. It should sum up your offer - so make it snappy, make it memorable, and use it everywhere!

Ready to give your signature offer a life of it’s own? I’ve got your back - there are so many great free resources on this blog to help you on your journey.

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