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Why Your Branding is More Than A Logo

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March 30, 2022

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Peti Morgan

If you’re a fan of Whittaker’s here in NZ, chances are, you’re not a loyal customer just because of their simple yet recognisable logo!

And even though their delicious chocolate does play a huge part in their likeability, there’s also more to Whittaker’s brand than just their product line.

Their branding is consistent and luxurious, with a familiar tone and style flowing through their content and materials. They are a well-established kiwi business that values transparency and quality. They are trustworthy and soothing – from their chocolate to their mouthwatering marketing materials.

The point is a logo IS an essential part of a brand, but it is not the SUM of a brand. There is an entire ecosystem that shapes how your audience perceives you beyond that first identifier (always bearing in mind the rules of DIY branding).

So, how do they do it?

In this blog, we’ll explore why a logo is a key element of your brand and why, at the same time, all branding is more than a logo. Let’s go!

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Why Your Branding Is More Than A Logo

What Is The Function Of A Logo?

Think of some of the most famous logos in the world: McDonald’s golden arches, the Nike tick, Colonel Sanders… these are all memorable logos, but the logo itself is not responsible for the success of the business.

A logo is simply an identifier – a way for people to recognise a brand when they see it. While a well-designed logo can convey a tiny bit about who you are and what you do, its central purpose is to identify, not explain or sell.

Think of your logo as the avatar for your brand – it gives people an easy visual queue to distinguish you from other businesses.

Over time, people’s perception of your brand will automatically be associated with your logo, but only once you infuse the other branding elements into your strategy.

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How Is Your Branding More Than A Logo?

It begins with your brand identity. Until you develop an identity to go with your logo, all you have is a pretty picture to help synchronise your marketing materials.

Your identity extends beyond your logo and includes a range of elements.  For example,  the colours and fonts you use, your imagery, filters, textures, patterns, and graphic design.

As you begin to build a brand from scratch, you’ll start with the identity, which is made up of all those visual elements.

As you dig deeper, you’ll move into the non-visual aspects of branding, such as voice, tone, and personality. While these may not feel as substantial as your visual elements, they are equally important at contributing to your brand’s overall feel and look.

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Building A Sustainable Brand

The visual elements you have nailed are paired with all the things you can’t see.   This then contributes to your brand’s personality and story.

True branding doesn’t end there, either. Your branding continues to evolve over time.  Through your marketing strategy, your core values, and the way you communicate with customers.  Even the way they perceive you.

When you think about it, it’s impossible for a mere logo (no matter how cute it is) to convey the entire story of your business. That’s a job for your overall branding strategy.

But the cool thing is that when you get that strategy right, your logo soaks up all that hard work.   Consequently, it will eventually be capable of eliciting an emotional response from your customers at a single glance, and that’s pretty powerful.

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Another Key Visual Element

Part of building a strong brand is giving your audience something human to connect with. People like doing business with other people and will often pass over faceless corporations for someone with values and personality.

That means you are going to have to get your face out there.

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