Yoüverlay #184

Presenting to the side, 3 levels top to bottom


About the 'Presenting to the side, 3 levels top to bottom' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're presenting something to the side of you with your arm up high, then at mid height, then lower. You can change it up by presenting casually, or gesture emphatically, or timing your movements to a beat, per second, per 3 seconds etc. As long as your accompanying messages might be.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


The ‘Presenting to the side, 3 levels top to bottom’ Yoüverlay is a dynamic and versatile gesture that can significantly enhance personal branding across various platforms.
Here’s how it can be creatively used in Instagram posts and on a website, including integration with text overlays or graphical elements:

Instagram Posts

  1. Launching a new product or service. Have the individual pointing towards a floating text box or graphic of the new product, followed by details like a launch date and a catchy tagline. #Innovation #LaunchDay #NewProduct
  2. Sharing a valuable tip or piece of advice. The individual could be positioned below a “Did You Know?” heading, followed by 3 text bubbles containing key tips. “Unlocking the secrets to success, one tip at a time. 💡 #LifeHacks #ProTips #SuccessTips #DidYouKnow
  3. Introducing a blog post or article. The first point displays “new blog post”, the second the blog post title, and the third “link in bio!” “Diving deep into the topics you care about. Check out our latest read! 📚 #DeepDive #MustRead #BlogPost #ReadMore #LearnToday

Website Integration

  1. Home Page: Use the ‘Presenting to the side, 3 levels top to bottom’ Yoüverlay at different levels to guide visitors through the site’s sections. For example, the top level Yoüverlay could direct users to the newest features or products, the mid level to popular services, and the lower level to testimonials or success stories. Each Yoüverlay could be accompanied by dynamic text or icons that enhance the user’s journey through the site.
  2. Sales Page: Incorporate the Yoüverlay to highlight special offers or discounts. For instance, the mid level Yoüverlay could be used to draw attention to a limited-time offer, with the individual pointing towards a countdown timer or a “Special Offer” badge.
  3. Product Page: Use the Yoüverlay to emphasise the unique selling points (USPs) of a product. The individual could be gesturing towards bullet points of product features or benefits, helping to visually guide the viewer’s attention to these key elements.
  4. About Us Page: The Yoüverlay can be used to introduce the team or the brand’s mission. For example, the lower level Yoüverlay could point towards short bios of team members or key milestones in the company’s history, making the page more interactive and engaging.
  5. Blog Post: At the beginning of a blog post, use the Yoüverlay to draw attention to the main points or themes. This could be particularly effective for how-to guides or explainer posts, with the individual gesturing towards key headings or sections within the article.

By creatively integrating the ‘Presenting to the side, 3 levels top to bottom’ Yoüverlay with text overlays or graphical elements, content creators and brands can make their Instagram posts and website content more engaging, informative, and aligned with their brand personality.

This approach not only enhances visual storytelling but also encourages interaction and deeper exploration of the content presented.

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