Yoüverlay #201

Doing the robot


About the 'Doing the robot' Yoüverlay

In this Yoüverlay, you're acting like a robot, moving mechanically, elbows bent at 90 degree angles, hands flat - like a barbie doll! You could also pretend to type, or whatever obvious action you take in your job.


How to use this Yoüverlay in your marketing graphics


Integrating the ‘Doing the robot’ Yoüverlay into your personal branding, especially if your brand resonates with attributes like mechanical, industrious, or quirky, can set you apart in a crowded digital space.

Here’s how you can creatively use this Yoüverlay across various platforms:

Instagram Posts

  1. Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Content: Share a photo or a short video in the ‘Doing the robot’ Yoüverlay while working on your latest project. Overlay text could say, “In full robot mode to bring you the best!” Use hashtags like #BehindTheScenes, #CreatorLife, #RobotMode.
  2. Product Launches: Announce new products with you in the ‘Doing the robot’ Yoüverlay next to the product. The caption could read, “Programmed to deliver excellence. Meet our latest creation.” Hashtags can include #NewProduct, #Innovation, #TechLover.
  3. Motivational Posts: Post an image in the Yoüverlay with a caption that reads, “Persistence mode: ON. What’s your success code?” This can be paired with hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #Persistence, #SuccessMindset.
  4. Interactive Content: Use the Yoüverlay in a playful way to ask followers to share their “robot” moves or their systematic approach to tasks. “Show us your robot! How do you tackle your to-do list?” Encourage engagement with hashtags like #EngageWithUs, #CommunityChallenge.

Website Integration

  1. Home Page: Feature an animated version of yourself in the ‘Doing the robot’ Yoüverlay as an interactive element that guides visitors through your website. For instance, clicking on the animated figure could reveal different sections of your site, with text overlays like “Follow the robot to innovation.”
  2. Sales Page: Use the Yoüverlay next to descriptions of your products or services, with graphical elements showing thought bubbles containing key benefits or features. “Our robot-approved process ensures top-quality results every time.”
  3. Product Page: Incorporate the Yoüverlay to highlight specific features of a product, using arrows or lines coming from your robot hands pointing to different product features. “Engineered for excellence,” could be a tagline used here.
  4. About Us Page: A series of photos or an animation of you doing the robot Yoüverlay while showcasing your journey, team, or workspace. Overlay text could share fun facts or milestones, “Transforming ideas into reality, one robot move at a time.”
  5. Blog Post: Use the Yoüverlay at the beginning of a blog post to visually represent a systematic approach to the topic at hand. “Decoding success, one step at a time.” This could be a great way to introduce listicles or guides.

General Tips

  • Use the Yoüverlay consistently across your branding to reinforce recognition.
  • Play with different backgrounds, props, and outfits to keep the content fresh but aligned with your brand.
  • Encourage your audience to interact with your content by asking questions or prompting them to share their thoughts related to the Yoüverlay or the message you’re conveying.

By thoughtfully integrating the ‘Doing the robot’ Yoüverlay into your personal branding, you can create a memorable and engaging presence that resonates with your audience and underscores your brand’s unique personality.

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