Poses that convey agreement or satisfaction often with nods and smiles.

Thumbs up

Asking or reaching out

Gestures that indicate inquiry or a desire for connection such as outstretched hands.

Turn your sound up

Being secretive

Poses that suggest concealment or privacy like whispering or finger-to-lips gestures.


Browsing online

Postures focused on screens depicting engagement with digital content.

Doing the robot

Celebrating success

Expressions of joy and triumph often with raised arms and exuberant smiles.

Thumbs up


Playful mischievous expressions and poses often with a hint of impudence.

Mirthful snickering
No money left
Silly dancing


Poses that depict active engagement in conversation or expression.

I can’t hear you

Confusion or uncertainty

Expressions and gestures that show doubt puzzlement or indecision.

I can’t hear you


Repeated uniform poses that convey a sense of stability and reliability.

I just keep trying


Gestures that involve enumerating with fingers indicating calculation or listing.

Stop doing this

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