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Brand Personality 101: Weaving Your Personality Into Your Branding

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January 28, 2022

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Peti Morgan

People don’t relate to brands; they relate to a brand personality.

The snazziest logo and most striking fonts are nothing but expensive doodles without an engaging, relatable personality to match.

While big corporations have the budget to create a fleshed-out brand personality from scratch. Smaller businesses or one-person shows are more about the real people behind the scenes.

If you’re building your personal brand, it’s important to weave your personality into your branding. This is in order to attract, engage, and retain the right customers.

Need some guidance on how to do that? You’re in the right place! In this blog, you’ll discover why your brand personality is such a big deal. Specifically, you will learn how to weave it into your branding.

Brand Personality 101: Weaving Your Personality Into Your Branding

Why Does Brand Personality Matter?

People often make fun of their weird quirks and characteristics. Though honestly, how boring would life be if we were all carbon copies of one another! Our personalities – warts and all – are what set us apart. They help kindred spirits recognise one another and form the basis of all relationships.

The same goes for your brand personality. Sure, you could strive to appeal to everyone. Although in doing so, you’re not going to attract your kindred spirit clients and customers. Those are the ones who spot your logo from across the room and dig it. Or, the people who laugh out loud at your jokes and appreciate your perspective on life.

Your brand personality helps you stand out from the crowd. Therefore you need to build brand awareness and recognition to attract and retain your ideal customers.

If you master an authentic brand personality, it will also build trust and credibility –among your audience and peers.

And remember, if you don’t take control of your brand personality. Most importantly, stamp your own mark on it, someone else surely will. Don’t leave any room to misinterpret you. There should be no doubt about who you are and what you’re all about by being wonderfully, uniquely YOU.

Creating A Brand Personality

Does your brand personality have to be the same as your personality? Technically, no. There are plenty of big businesses out there that create a fictional – yet totally relatable – personality out of thin air.

That works when no single person is running the show or standing in the spotlight. However, it may not work so well if your business is all about you.

Your clients or customers are going to be getting to know about you and your business and dealing directly with you. Therefore, it would be weird if your brand personality wasn’t in sync with your own. People would find it confusing and inauthentic, and you would likely struggle to connect with your ideal customers.

How To Infuse Your Personality Into Your Branding

Weaving your personality into your branding isn’t brain surgery. At the core, it’s about being transparent, authentic, and honestly yourself. You don’t have to overshare, but you do need to make sure everything is in sync with your personality  – from your logo, font and colour schemes to your value proposition and the tone and voice of your written content. Here are some tips to help you get on track:

  • Get your family and friends to help you list your traits and characteristics to help you find your voice.
  • Decide which aspects of your personality you’d like to carry through into your brand.
  • Research your ideal client to find out what parts of your personality they are likely to relate to the most.
  • Clearly define “who you are” as a brand personality and write a description using 5-6 adjectives
  • Write your content the way you talk
  • Share personal experiences
  • Tell authentic and intriguing stories
  • Be open (to a degree) about who you are on your About page and profiles
  • Create a visual aesthetic to match your brand personality

Going The Extra Mile

Showing your personality is great, but people will need something to anchor all that energy against. So, you are going to have to show them your face too. Not plastered on everything if you don’t want to. But in a few strategic places so that people have another opportunity to connect with who you are and what you stand for.

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