7 Key Branding Elements For A

Magnetic Brand

7 Key Branding Elements For A Magnetic Memorable AUTHENTIC Brand

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February 23, 2022

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Peti Morgan

You’ve got your key branding elements sorted – a brand name, a logo and a snappy tagline, so your new biz is ready to hit the internet, right? Not so fast, my friend!

While those are some important brand assets, there are a just few more branding elements you should lock in before you get too far down the road. That is, if you’d like to create a memorable, authentic brand that 100% represents what you’re all about.

There are bland brands and DIY branding disasters everywhere – don’t join them!

You can, of course, add and adjust some things as you go. But, there are a few key things you should sort out how to make sure your branding stays consistent and connects you with the right customers.

How many of the following can you check off your list?

Key Branding Elements to nail for a magnetic, authentic experience

What Are Branding Elements?

First of all, let’s talk about what a brand is – something that’s quite hard to define! A brand isn’t just a look. It’s also made up of more ethereal concepts, like values, personality, and perceptions.

Broadly, your brand is your reputation.

As such, branding elements are all the things that work to build that reputation – from visual, identifying elements like colours and fonts to persona elements like archetype and tone.

Some brand elements are easier to control than others.

Your visual style, for example, is relatively straightforward and chosen by you. But your brand perception and reputation are a result of a vast range of things, some of which are beyond your control.

Make sure you’ve nailed these key Branding Elements

A brand is like an expensive bottle of quality wine. It gets richer and more intricate over time. However, every bottle of wine begins with the essential grapes, meaning you have to start somewhere!

Let’s start with the branding elements that you can’t live without.

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1. Clarity around your Brand Personality

If your brand were a person, how would you describe them?

Your brand personality is your most essential branding element. If you don’t decide on it yourself, others will interpret it as they want, which may not go in your favour!

So think about how you would like your clients and customers to describe your business.

Is it fun and frivolous? Professional and empathetic? Youthful and vibrant?

Put some thought into this one, as your personality will filter throughout all your branding elements and content in the future.

2. A colour palette that suits your brand vibe

Pictures may paint a thousand words, but fonts and colours have a lot to say about your brand too!

The key colours you use throughout your logo and content need to communicate with your clients.

It pays to do some research into the meanings and effects of various colours rather than just defaulting to your personal favourites.

3. A font pairing that… suits your brand vibe!

The same thing goes for typography. Some fonts are serious, some fonts are fun. Pick a pair that support your brand personality.

Ideally the fonts you use should remain consistent across all your marketing channels, so if you’re creating website and social graphics in Canva, start looking for fonts there.

Yes, this is an obvious one, but a super crucial one!

Of all the branding elements, your logo is arguably the most important.

This one little image not only gives your customers a clue as to what your business is all about but also provides a recognisable presence to build brand recognition over time.

Getting it right can feel like a lot of pressure, but you’ll likely run with it for a long time, so put effort into finding the perfect logo for your brand.

While crucial, a logo is not the only thing you will need to build a great brand.

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5. A solid Brand Promise

This is a big one, for you and your customers.

What do you promise to deliver to the people who purchase from you? What can they expect from every interaction with your brand? What do you hope to provide to your audience?

Do you want to uplift and inspire them? Do you want to offer new experiences? Do you want to make them feel comforted and safe? Think about what you aspire to provide as a brand, and turn this into your brand promise.

Your brand promise will remind you of what’s important in your daily interactions and engagements with your customers.

6. a few Brand Stories to tell

People respond to other people. We want to be told stories. We want to get to know the faces behind the businesses we support. Your customers don’t just care about the products or services you offer.

They also care about who you are, why you do what you do, and how you’re building your business.

When you’re developing your branding elements, don’t just focus on looking pretty or standing out visually. Think about how you can tell a story that connects with and inspires your audience.

7. Personal Branding Photos – lots of them!

The final essential branding elements to bring it all together are all about you! As the face behind your brand, it’s vital for people to get to know you.

YOU are the main event. YOUR personality and everything about you, is your biggest drawcard.

So you must have personal brand photos that are on brand, and show your brand’s (your) personality.

That means you need a good supply of quality brand photos. This is where many business owners start to cringe. You may not like being in front of the camera, but it is important to regularly get your face in front of your audience across all your channels.

Not everyone can afford a professional brand photographer, especially if you are growing a new business! But that doesn’t give you an excuse to opt-out. Instead, why not learn how to take your own pro selfies to show your best self to your audience?

Need some help with that? I’m your girl. I can help you get more visible online with DIY professional branding photos. Find out more here.


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