How to use Mood Based Marketing

to show up more consistently

Mood based marketing: how to show up when you don’t feel like it

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October 3, 2020

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Peti Morgan

Mood based marketing. What is it, and how can it help you show up with more energy and authenticity online? How can you use it to help to elevate your brand above all the others who are trying to do the same.

You know that live video is the most engaging form of content there is. For that reason, most social media platforms prioritise it. When you jump on Instagram you will know who is live because they appear before any of the other stories. You’ll get a notification on Facebook telling you that someone you follow is live.

Going live is an amazingly effective way to connect with your people, who can ask questions in real time and get acknowledge by the host. A thrill!

But sometimes, YOU are just not in the mood to do a video, let alone a live video.

But instead of letting that get in the way of sharing your message, I suggest you use mood based marketing.

Put yourself in front of your people, regardless of how you’re feeling. Regardless of where you are. Regardless of how you are dressed at the time!

What is mood based marketing?

So let’s talk about mood based marketing in the sense of the energy it brings to your content marketing.

When you show up in your marketing you bring a certain energy with you. Whether that is relaxed, or hyped, or excited, or obliged or bored, your energy shows up with you no matter what.

So it’s really important that you check your energy before you choose how you show up. Your audience can see it and feel it. It will either magnetise them towards you, or repel them away from you.

Thankfully, a fabulous thing about online marketing is that there is not just one way to market yourself.

There isn’t just one way to show up online and talk to your people. You have multiple methods and mediums of sharing your message and showing up and allowing your audience to get to know you, and to hear your message again and again in a magnetising way.

If you don’t feel like being on video, you don’t have to be.

Mood based marketing is simply choosing a medium based on your mood, so that you don’t get in your own way.

So instead of doing an Instagram Live you might upload a pre-recorded video of yourself, or, you could post a brand selfie along with text, or post a creative and engaging Instagram story.

Newsflash: You don’t actually have to put your FACE on a live video… point your camera out the window and do a voice over a nice view if you want!

Or direct it at your computer, or something else – there are no rules here except this: don’t stifle the message by letting a low vibe mood get in the way of sharing it.

If you have something to share, don’t let your mood, OR your location or appearance get in the way of sharing it!

Some days, you DO feel like going live. Maybe you woke up feeling great and the sun is shining, you have a new hair do or a new throw for the couch you wanna show off, I dunno! You’re just feeling great and maybe a bit hyper and you’ll bring that energy to your video.

But some days, you might feel tired or moody, or your house or office is a mess, or there’s lots of noise in the background – don’t stifle the message, but don’t bring that energy to your people. Choose another medium.

Your message is important

You’ve always got something to say to your people – whether it be to:

  • Educate them on something they’re struggling with, that you can help them with
  • Promote a current offer
  • Share something behind the scenes
  • Or you just want to share something you thought of right at that very minute.

What I want for you is a clear path to sharing that message, whatever it is.

The same applies if you usually send your people a weekly newsletter, or you write a 3000 word blog post every month but you just can’t seem to manage it right now.

Don’t just obligingly churn it out – people feel that energy!

Make it a shorter newsletter, or send them a link to an Instagram story you posted, be creative here – your business is supposed to be fun, so don’t force yourself to show up in ways that bring about bad energy.

Don’t just obliging churn out that 3000 word blog post when you don’t feel great about it – your people will feel that energy!

Don’t stifle the message!

There are no rules except this: don’t stifle the message!

The point here is to be creative and remember that what you have to say is valuable to your people, unless it remains unsaid. Share your message, but choose another medium if that’s what it takes to get it out there.

So continue to share your message, and know that your mood, location or appearance at the time doesn’t need to get in the way.

Mood based marketing is about NOT stifling the message, and using what is available to you and getting it out there regardless of how are you are feeling.

I just really don’t think you should just force yourself to show up in a certain way when you aren’t feeling it, because that energy comes with you.

It’s like you are the obliged person at the party that has the low vibe and low energy and no-one wants to hang out that person! You don’t wanna be that person.

There are ways to bring your full energy and personality into your content without being there in person – for example, blog posts and emails don’t just have to be walls of text. You can add brand photos of yourself, or funny personalised gifs, or custom emojis to express yourself too.

Ideas on demand

Something I do personally is jot down ALL of my ideas, all of the inspiration that comes to me, in a Trello board if I’m not ready to share it right away.

I write down little learnings I’ve had when listening to someone else’s podcast, or maybe I’ve heard something that’s really made me think about something in a different way. Or maybe it’s a big topic I want to talk about but I’m not sure how to address it yet.

All of the ideas get written down. I can then flick through these ideas when I need inspiration for content.

It’s a real treasure trove for content topics. If something comes to you, keep a note of it and when you’re ready, come back to it later.

Some days I really might feel like showing up live, so I can go back to this list of ideas to draw inspiration from it.

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Mix up your mediums

The point is, that you continue to show up for your people – in a variety of different ways if needed.

It’s totally ok to mix up the mediums you share with – video, text, email, blog post, podcast, insta post, etc… but keep that message coming because the people that really are interested in what you have to say, will then have content to binge on when they find you!

Think about the last time you came across someone who’s content you wanted to binge on – you might have thought ‘oh, I just love her Kiwi accent, she’s so funny I just want to read watch listen to everything she’s every created’ (haha).

Create binge worthy content

But if you’re sharing often, then your content does become binge-worthy.

There’s nothing worse than coming across someone who you think is amazing, but they’ve hardly shared anything.

It’s like the one hit wonder and you’re left waiting for more. Don’t do that to your people!

Whatever capacity you’re choosing to show up in, your audience has both eyes and ears so they can then choose how they consume your content.

Don’t be surprised if your video audience also read your posts and likewise. It’s actually good to give people a mix of content types, because that gives people more ways to discover your content.

I’m not saying to be everywhere, and that you should post on every platform in every medium – what I’m saying is that you CAN post anywhere and it won’t hurt.

Just remember that some mediums are less permanent than others for example Instagram stories are only live for 24 hours, unless you save them as highlights on your Instagram profile, where as a blog post is permanent and very findable.

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How’s your mood today?

So friend, what are you in the mood to share today and how are you gonna share it?

How can you mix it up next time so that you don’t let a bad hair day get in the way of a good message?

How can you bring your full energy and personality to your content without being that low vibe person at the party?

Mood based marketing is the way!

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