The Impact Icon

Got the grind? You’ll find the path.

About The Impact Icon

The Impact Icon is all about Bravery Vibes πŸ’ͺ🦁πŸ”₯

Also known as the hero, the warrior, the crusader, the rescuer, the superhero, the soldier, the winning athlete, the dragon slayer, the competitor, or the team playerThe Impact Icon ultimately desires to showcase bravery and resilience.

🎁 This brand personality is gifted with skill mastery and Braveheart moves.

They help their customers to level up, improve, and own their power in order to master their skills to make a positive impact.

This brand personality is not without fault, being prone to getting a big head, always needing a rival, or being so obsessed with winning it's kinda scary.

About The Impact Icon's ideal customer

Customers who seek out this brand personality - consciously or not - may have been hit by a challenge or seeing someone who needs backup, and they're ready to step up and crush it.

What The Impact Icon's customer needs

They have varying levels of needs from The Impact Icon and it's important to work this out first, before tailoring your marketing to them.

1️⃣ At a base level, they are on a quest for the real deal, cutting through the noise, checking in with the pros.

2️⃣ Over time, this turns into questioning everything, thinking outside the box, becoming the go-to person.

3️⃣ Ultimately, where they want to get to is this: owning their wisdom, feeling confident, and mastering their game.


This brand personality should help their customers to avoid being seen as a pushover or for not stepping up.

Your brand might fit this brand personality if:

🌍 You've cooked up something that's gonna shake up the world big time

πŸš€ Your product is like a secret weapon for people to hit their peak performance

🀝 Tackling a huge social issue and rallying folks to get in the game and make a difference

🎯 You've got your eyes on the prize, aiming to outdo your main rival

πŸ• You're the classic underdog story – ready to give the big players a run for their money

πŸ’ͺ Your product or service is a powerhouse at getting tough jobs done smoothly and effectively

✨ Standing out from those 'all talk, no action' options differentiates you

πŸ˜‡ Your customers are all about being the good guys, the real MVPs of morality.

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